Dec 162010
Auditorium de Tenerife

We fled the cold and dark, flying into the warm. We decided for the Canaries and booked our flight to Tenerife – maybe we should have read the travel guide beforehand, but since we did the other way around, and started reading after boarding the plane, there was no way going back.

Aug 312010

Just recently Canon announced new L-grade prime lenses. There are several discussions going on in several places on the net regarding the pricing. Some people tend to identify the “L” as “Luxury” and hence extremely expensive. I did own some “normal” lenses and do own several L-grade lenses. And seeing the difference, I can understand […]

Aug 232010
Customer Relation

What is happening with Customer Relation and Customer Satisfaction nowadays? Companies seem to spend money for it, but are you happier by their existence? I am certainly not. Maybe its just me. But, when coming back from South Africa, we had this problem with SWISS – the airline I am really getting pissed at. Now, […]

Jun 052010
No feedback from Apple regarding Aperture

It has been a month now, since the Product Manager Aperture from Apple notified me, that they had been able to reproduce the problem I discovered with Aperture 3.0.3. For those who do not remember it, you can find it here: Trouble with Aperture 3. But yet there is no news on any solution by […]

May 232010
South Africa Part IX

If you happen to visit South Africa during the Soccer World Cup, you might run into troubles getting to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. During our stay the amount of tourists where not too disturbing. Being one of them, I should not blame them being there But I guess, it might get hard […]